Embrace the most important strategic mind flip of the 21st century. A world governed by networks is rewriting the rules for how you build companies, market products, and create value. Fast Company

Optimizing Business Development, Knowledge, and Brand

The construction industry is not known for its fondness for sharing. However, RegenNetwork Members are proving that they can be more successful together than alone.

Systems thinkers understand that the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts. This is the essence of RNx, our RegenNetwork Effect. RNx gives Network members an integrative, collaborative approach to the building industry that creates substantial leverage and translates into substantial vale for RN members.

Collaboration through RegenNetwork contributes to:
1. creative solutions
2. catalytic partnerships
3. cross-pollination of product development
4. sharing of knowledge: best-practices,
failures, strategies, and strategic intelligence

We call our process the RegenNetwork Effect, or RNx. Collaboration leads to accelerating the growth of your business profitability and ROI on membership:
•  Sales
•  Business development
•  Strategic market insight
•  New product development (w/ other members

•  Passion & inspiration for the green journe
•  Global expansion
•  Sustainability best practices

Every time we add a member, our collective impact advances.

Steps to RNx Collaboration
•  Bring the right parties to the table
•  Build trust
•  Define items of value to share that are ROI-based
•  Create a “sharing” mechanism
•  Recognize RNx success
•  Accelerate the process


The question is, can we be more successful together than alone. I think absolutely! If we look at how green building is going to go, every part of the building becomes extremely important. But it’s almost this multiplier effect, this RNx. It could be my systems integrating with the building automation system integrating with the fenestration in the building. We need to think about ourselves in terms of a bigger picture, and RegenNetwork is the first place where we’ve been able to have those conversations.
~ Aaron Smith, Director of Sustainability, ASSA ABLOY

So many of the real challenges that we’re seeing in modern buildings today,
are getting the various systems to work together.
~ Nadav Malin, President, BuildingGreen, RN Expert