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Anthony Bernheim

Anthony Bernheim has been developing sustainable building practices for over twenty-five years. A specialist in integrated building practices and a pioneer in indoor air quality, his work has profoundly influenced the design profession and the building industry. An architect by training, Mr. Bernheim works with multi-disciplinary teams to integrate sustainability into complex projects from their formative phases onward. Mr. Bernheim is adept at conveying sustainability information to audiences of all types, leading conference presentations, and workshops that include a variety of stakeholders, and bridging the gaps between the technical and non-technical worlds. 

Currently a member of the U.S. Green Building Council Board of Directors, Mr. Bernheim regards climate change, human health, and water resources as the most pressing issues of the day and positions design and building practices to take a primary role in addressing these issues In 2004, he received the AIA California Council’s Nathaniel A. Owings Award in “recognition of a lifetime of service, commitment, and advocacy for the principles of sustainable design and preserving the earth’s natural resource”, and in 2009 was awarded the USGBC Northern California Chapter Green Building Super Heroes “David Gottfried Special Achievement” award for visionary guidance and undaunted leadership in the Green Building Movement.