Embrace the most important strategic mind flip of the 21st century. A world governed by networks is rewriting the rules for how you build companies, market products, and create value. Fast Company

Regenerative Network (RN) is the foremost consortium of the global green building industry’s leading product manufacturers and service providers. We exist to accelerate sales of our members’ high-performance disruptive green building products and services through catalytic business relationships, including our dynamic RegenForums, RegenCharrettes and RegenBids.

We hand select our exclusive member companies based on proven sustainable building leadership, product performance, demonstrated bold interaction, and value add. These are the green building industry’s foremost companies who lead through their culture of innovation, collaboration, and dominating their field (even if they invented it). They are both legacy multi-billion dollar companies and startups from every area of the building industry. But they understand that collaboration helps them build their businesses and climb higher and faster in the exploding green market.

We compliment these members with sustainability experts (RegenExperts) from all aspects of the construction industry. They are trusted knowledge professionals who bring unique perspectives and are RN’s conscience. They include the foremost talent responsible for building the green building movement and the best projects.

And we brainstorm together with the world’s top green building portfolio owners and managers, designers, and builders, who are eager to tap our members highly valuable and unique knowledge and experience. Through our various proven, dynamic, results-driven, collaborative and modeled platforms, we catalyze synergistic relationships amongst members and building owners that can accelerate business exponentially.

We’re all about the business of green and the incredible power of RNx, the network effect. Nothing else like RN exists in the world.

•  Pushing the boundaries of sustainable solutions
•  Accelerating the adoption of high-performance, disruptive technology
•  Transforming the built environment through commerce

RegenNetwork Members