thumbnailOver the past three decades of helping build the global green building movement I’ve found three critical factors that are key to growing sustainable businesses:

  • BOLDness in your green leadership that supports transparency and the creation of disruptive green products and services.
  • “Selling” and “marketing” under the umbrella of the credibility of your company’s green leadership position to like minded green brand building portfolio owners and developers.
  • Collaboration with non-competitive companies to share business development leads, and the vision and courage to go to the market as a bundled high-performance solution.

After founding and building the US Green Building Council – followed later by founding the World Green Building Council – I moved on to twenty years of working closely with the world’s best building ownership companies and dozens of green product and service companies.

Six years ago I started the RegenNetwork to capitalize on the huge opportunity of bringing these parties together into a business based consortium. Unlike my non-profit work, the Network is all about business. Its mission is to accelerate our member’s ROI through the staggering, successful green building marketplace that we’ve built.

Over our first six years we’ve honed and proven Regen’s business proposition. In recent RegenCharrettes at our RegenForums we’ve brainstormed the Store of the Future with firms that are building hundreds of new stores. We also get briefings on our members collaborations on large projects, and on fast growing national development companies’ projects.

We’ve begun hosting exclusive and confidential Chief Sustainability Officer Mastermind sessions that are very popular with our members, toured facilities that are advancing green building knowledge and experience such as the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s innovative new FLEXLAB building, and reinforced our Network connections while we enjoyed fine dining and wine tasting.

If you believe your company meets our membership criteria for committed, bold leadership, come join our like-minded non-competitive industry leading companies, embrace the value and ROI of collaboration, and see RNx, the Network Effect, in action.