We know that you’re busy and that many other things compete for your attention. We hope that they provide a high ROI on your investment and time.

RegenNetwork is designed to do just that. We exist to add value to our members, so we place business front and center. In our industry, that means mostly project opportunities. We introduce our members to the top portfolio owners and give them access to their teams and their new projects. Beyond that, our members want to share strategic knowledge, go-to-market opportunities and enhance their brand. And some collaborative support and inspiration doesn’t hurt, as well as some of David’s personal mentoring.

Here are our responses to several key hesitations you may have about joining a new organization:

•  You think it may not be a good use of company funds and resources. Many of our members had the same doubt, but are now steadfast members. Several members say that they receive a 10X to 50x annual ROI on their cost of membership. This includes direct sales, member-to-member partnering, RegenAffiliate (portfolio owners and their teams) and RegenExpert business transactions that boosted their bottom-line.

•  My time is limited. I can’t commit to yet another similar program. Other groups are focused on seminars, newsletters, education, policy. Not us. Boosting your sales and your business is front and center. Our collective “Network Effect” creates exponential value for every member. In addition, David Gottfried’s personal brand, contacts and catalytic energy bring in building portfolio owners and their design teams to brainstorm with us – with the expectation of not only advancing the performance of their buildings, but giving our members the opportunity to add value through their offerings and talent.

•  How is simply joining a network going to drive business development or increase sales? Each of our handpicked members experience success through different avenues. But they all have a common metric of success: increased sales, exposure and ROI. Being part of the network provides benefits in each of these areas. We feature: RegenForums (3 per year), RegenCharrettes (on building projects), RegenSalons (with building teams – about 30 Salons have been curated including Yum Brands, WSP, Arup, U.S. Navy), and RegenBids (leading to sales such as with Alexandria Real Estate, the City of San Francisco and Integral Group LEED Platinum and Gold projects).

•  I’m afraid I’ll regret joining and be locked into my payment. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your first RegenForum, we’ll eat the cost of your attendance, food and drinks and fully refund your money.

We hope these differentiators and catalytic drivers catch your attention. If you have the focus, initiative and hunger to find new innovative methods to help you grow and stay at the top, we’re interested in exploring the RegenNetwork’s win-win opportunity with you.