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John Bradford, Chief Innovations Officer, Interface Inc.

Thanks for the opportunity to attend the Network kick off.

I was truly inspired by the Forum.  In a world where industry movements tend to standardize the common practices of all participants, the Network is a group of companies that seek the highest pinnacle of performance among participants. The Forum was clearly a conversation of Leaders exploring leadership and a desire to become Regenerative.


Thank you for the invitation.

Erich Klawuhn, VP Sales, Soladigm

I thought the forum was a total success. Internally I referred to it as the most efficient networking event I have participated in. Chuck and I were delighted with the valuable contacts and interaction we had through both days and resulted in follow-ups that we have already scheduled or are scheduling. They range from collaborations and learning with other manufacturers to kickoff engagements for demonstration installations.

Jim Allen, CEO, Sloan Valve Company

The Network’s launch was fantastic and we were honored to be invited as a founding member. The group and Gottfried’s ability to drive hard will really push us to expand our industry leadership.

Dave Dennsteadt, VP, Hycrete

We are, of course, honored to have been a part of [the Network] and look forward to contributing in the future.

Mike Kapalko, Sustainability Marketing Manager, SCA Tissue North America

The Forum was beneficial in two distinct ways.  It is always good to spend a day discussing sustainability with like-minded organizations.  However, the “Green Speed Dating” was a great experience to not only show how our company delivers what people are looking for, but to interact and hear their pain points or frustrations with the process of doing what is good for business and the future of our ecosystem.


John Maloblocki, Skanska USA Building Inc.
As an industry leader in Green Building, the Regenerative Network Day provided us with a focused opportunity to meet with and hear from other innovative green industry pioneers with a futuristic vision of sustainability in products, design, and construction.

Erin Cubbison, Gensler
I would say that the Regenerative Network Marketplace Day was a valuable opportunity to connect with innovators in green building technologies as well as peers in the AEC industry. The event reinforced my beliefs that the whole of our efforts to further sustainability is greater than the sum of the parts.

Anthony Ravitz, Google
The Regenerative Network Marketplace Day was wonderful. It exceeded all of my expectations, which were already very high! I’ve already had follow up conversations with several people that I met.

Wayne Hendrickson, Thomas Properties Group
Informative, state of the art and well balanced green networking forum not just hype!


Bill Browning

It was a great experience.  The Regenerative Network provides a powerful forum for sharing best practices and helping collectively move its members to more sustainable and prosperous conditions.

Dan Slone

The Regenerative Network meeting left me full of cutting edge ideas regarding how to make our own business more sustainable and with a pocket full of business cards for follow-up.  I haven't seen a more productive meeting for ideas and contacts.  You skip on up the learning curve and participate with some of the best, environmentally responsible companies in the country as they figure out how to be even better.

Bill Reed

I love the concept of the network:  The Network integrates leading green companies around the need to push beyond the already tired and insufficient green status quo.  It is an important breakthrough in organizing a more whole system to find creative synergies around what it means to move towards regeneration.