U.S. Regenerative Network

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U.S. Regenerative Network


What is the U.S. Regenerative Network?
The U.S. Regenerative Network is a private consortium of leading green building product manufactures and service providers with the mission of improving each member’s environmental and social sustainability, and economic profitability.  The company was incubated by David Gottfried’s Regenerative Ventures, as one of his several “regenerative” startups.

Who are the main participants of the Network?
We have four main types of participants of the Network: Members, Affiliates, Experts and Staff.

What is a Network Member?
Network Members are leading building product manufacturers or service providers. They are exclusive in the Network to their product or service category and are either an established firm or a cleantech startup.

How does a company become a Member of the Network?
For green building product manufacturers or service providers, Membership is by invitation only. 

How does a company become an Affiliate?
For qualified architecture, engineering, construction or real estate developers (Network Affiliates), please contact Dave Rhoads to inquire about becoming an Affiliate.

Are events open to the public or non members?
Not at this time. Our meetings are produced exclusively for our membership and associated Affiliates.