The RegenNetwork is all about business. Our metrics are ROI, BRAND enhancement, exclusive access and cutting edge information. Our events leverage the RegenNetwork Effect (RNx) together with David Gottfried’s unparalleled access to the world’s hottest green building projects and their team of owners, architects, engineers, and contractors to elevate their triple-bottom-line profitability (economic, environmental and social) and help grow their business.

140320 RN Forum3RegenForums™: Collaborative and dynamic Regen Member and Expert events that feature RegenCharettes with leading project teams, as well as facilitate shared business development, teaming, peer-to-peer problem solving, and ACTIVE RNx development.




150420 WF tourRegenCharrettes™: Results-driven, catalytic, collaborative and modeled events that can yield unprecedented profitability for a project. These project-specific brainstorms, facilitated byDavid Gottfried, tap the highly valuable – but often underappreciated – knowledge and experience of RN’s members, plus our RegenExperts. Recent beneficiaries of RegenCharrettes include Virgin Hotels, Whole Foods Markets, Davita HealthCare, Starbucks, Walmart, Brandywine Realty, Gerding Edlen, Sares Regis, Nvidia, Kilroy Realty, and ChinaLive.


150420 CSO MastermindRegen CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) Masterminds™: An ongoing unique and important forum for like-minded people who are responsible for sustainability initiatives in their companies to come together in confidence to discuss common concerns and solutions, focus on strategies for growing a CSO practice within their companies, achieve unprecedented insight, and take action with a credible collective voice. This exclusive and confidential dialogue contributes to fulfilling an important part of the Network’s vision to share best practices, experiences, and leadership on the journey towards true sustainability and regeneration. For CSOs only (or equivalents) of RN member firms, facilitated by David Gottfried.

130717 RN Forum1RegenSalons™: Highly collaborative, one hour live or digital WebEX dialogues between a Network Affiliate and five RN Members selected by the Affiliate. Members provide five-minute elevator pitches to the Affiliate, followed by Q&A. The Network has produced over 30 RegenSalons, including dynamic sessions with the US Navy, WSP, Integral Group, Arup, and Yum Brands.



RegenProjects™130313 Forum Jeff Birdwell: Deeper, focused engagements between the green project ownership, design and construction team and Network Members and Experts. Completed RegenProjects include Alexandria Real Estate, the City of San Francisco and Integral Group.




20110721_CityofSF-Salon041RegenBids™: A bundled bid provided by Affiliate-selected RN members. Bids are typically pre-GC bid and can be assigned by the Owner. Discounts can occur as a result of supply-chain disruption and effectiveness. RN can model and analyze the collective bundled enhanced project profitability (economic and environmental).


“I like this direct engagement with your companies. If there’s a better way to do it, I’d like to learn. The industry’s traditional arm’s length relationships tend to prevent this kind of exchange.”
~ Rob Kain, former VP Construction, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.