Member expectations:

20110721_CityofSF-Salon060•  Active participation and engagement with other members and willingness to share items of value (show-up!)
•  Commit to continuous improvement and leadership within member category
•  Share best-practices and strategic knowledge
•  High degree of professionalism, trust and respect
•  Be direct
•  Be accessible to Network Members and Affiliates
•  Pay all Network fees when due
•  Maintain Network confidentiality
•  Pitch in, collaborate with your colleagues, and get as much value as you can out of the Network.Benefits-Blocks cropped

Member benefits:

Accelerate the growth of your business profitability and ROI on membership through collaboration on:
•  Sales20110721_CityofSF-Salon052 •  Business development
•  Strategic market insight
•  New product development (w/ other members)
•  Passion & inspiration for the green journey
•  Global expansion
•  Sustainability best practices

Unique sales opportunities
•  RegenCharrettes
•  RegenSalons, RegenProjects, RegenBids
•  In-depth panel discussions (real dialogues) at Forums

Increased credibility and knowledge20110721_CityofSF-Salon030
•  CSO Masterminds
Participate in Network Forums (3/year)
Participate in Network webinar briefings

Five hours of strategic consulting with Network senior staff
Exclusive competitive use of Network logo and name

Tier 1 and 2 members receive the following additional benefits:
•  Exclusive right to category in U.S. Network
•  Two annual member one-on-one calls (or Bay Area meetings) with David Gottfried, including two rounds of business development email introductions (10 each)
•  An exclusive David Gottfried video testimonial for your website
•  One David Gottfried digital keynote/event welcome (or Bay Area live talk)

Membership Categories:

Annual dues are structured according to company sales:
•  Tier 1: Over $1 billion
•Tier 2: $250 million to $1 billion
•  Tier 3: $100 million to $250 million
•  Tier 4: $10 million to $100 million
•  Tier 5: <$10 million

If you still aren’t convinced…