U.S. Regenerative Network

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U.S. Regenerative Network


The U.S. Regenerative Network - A Business Consortium Dedicated to Sustained Leadership

The U.S. Regenerative Network identifies leading green building product manufacturers and service providers (Network Members) and unites them with qualified buyers and leading industry A/E/C and Real Estate professionals (Network Affiliates). 

Network staff and knowledge experts (Network Experts) facilitate this collaboration, exchange, and commercial engagement.

The result is a dynamic forum to develop and share sustainability strategies and best practice, review new technologies and cutting edge products, and incubate strategic relationships.

Collectively and individually, Members of the U.S. Regenerative Network community strive to achieve a "regenerative" goal.

The U.S. Regenerative Network Forum and Marketplace

Twice a year, the Network hosts an exclusive Forum that includes a Members Day  and a Marketplace Day.  The Members Day focuses primarily on knowledge sharing (best practices and strategy).  The Marketplace Day focuses primarily on bringing buyers and sellers of unique green building products together in a highly effective, intimate business development setting. 

Throughout the year, consultation with Network Experts, information resources, and a broad range of Network tools support Members and Affiliates.

Access to the network is by invitation only.  If you and your company are interested in joining this Network, please
contact us at info@regen-net.com.

U.S Regenerative Network and David Gottfried - Leading Sustainability into the 22nd Century

The U.S. Regenerative Network is led by its founder and CEO, David Gottfried.  David is a pioneer in the green building industry.  He is the Founder of the U.S. Green Building Council, which represents roughly 20,000 leading organizations in the building field, and the Founder of the World Green Building Council. For a description of David's professional background, please click here.

Regenerative Ventures, a company owned and led by David Gottfried, incubated the U.S. Regenerative Network. For more information about Regenerative Ventures, please click here.