U.S. Regenerative Network

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U.S. Regenerative Network

The U.S. Regenerative Network brings together a select group of leading product manufacturers and service providers from the green building industry to form an exclusive business consortium.  Our mission is to exchange valuable "best practices," increase sustainability performance, improve efficiency, and significantly enhance revenue for each Member of the Network.  

The Regenerative Network is collaborative, dynamic, and non-competitive: only one organization for each sector within the building industry is included as a Member.

Affiliates are non-exclusive, complementary Network participants with a strategic interest in Network Members' products and services.  

Bi-annual forums, webinars, 1xbet login on-line resources, consulting support, and interactive tools enable the Regenerative Network to leverage in-person, virtual and other forms of collaboration.  

The Regenerative Network brings together:
  • Product Manufacturers and Building Service Providers (Network Members)
  • Real Estate Portfolio Owners (Network Affiliates)
  • Architects, Engineers, Contractors (Network Affiliates)
  • Green building and sustainability Experts (Network Experts)
  • Staff (Network Coordinators)
Admission to the Network is by https://app-apk-android.com/1xbet invitation only.

For a list of current Network Members, click here and for Affiliates, click here.

Announcing the Launch of the U.S. Regenerative Network 

April 28, 2010 — Regenerative Ventures' newest venture, the U.S. Regenerative Network, launched today with 19 founding members! The two-day event was a huge success. Read the press release here.

Our exclusive Regenerative Network Forum www.app-apk-android.com/1xbet will be held again in mid-October.