The Regenerative Network [RN] is the foremost consortium of global green building manufacturers and service providers. We exist to accelerate the sales of our members’ high-performance disruptive green building products and services through catalytic business relationships. We hand select our exclusive member companies based on proven sustainable building leadership, product performance, demonstrated bold interaction, and value add.

Tracking the best green building technologies and strategies is daunting for building owners and their teams. RN hosts interactive brainstorms with renowned global brand ownership and development teams to push the envelope while boosting triple bottom line profitability [economic, environmental and healthy]. RegenCharrette participants to date include: Whole Foods Market, Starbucks, Brandywine, Walmart, Davita Healthcare, Sares Regis, Nvidia, Alexandria Real Estate and Kilroy.

RN exists to:
•  Push the boundaries of sustainable solutions
•  Accelerate the adoption of high-performance, disruptive technology
•  Transform the built environment through commerce

Regenerative Network was created in 2010 by David Gottfried, founder of the U.S. Green Building Council and the World Green Building Council, and CEO of Regenerative Ventures. There are now GBCs in over 100 countries and 13 billion square feet using the LEED Green Building Standard.